CEMflex VB

Product category: 004 Joint Sheet Metal and Products.

CEMflex VB


CEMflex VB 100 mm: H= 100 mm, L= 2 m

CEMflex VB 150 mm: H= 150 mm, L= 2 m

CEMflex VB is a revolutionary steel plate waterstop covered with a patented special crystallization coating which allows for a secure and cost-effective sealing of structural joints. It works by actively supporting the sintering and crystallization of the concrete joint. The strong bond of the special coating to the surrounding concrete prevents any water from penetrating the structural joint. The waterproofing reaction of CEMflex VB steel plate waterstop has been tested and is confirmed by a General Building Code Test Certificate for secure joint sealing up to 8 bar (80 m) water pressure.

CEMflex VB requires only 3 cm of concrete cover to securely seal any cold joint. The special coating is non-adhesive therefore its application is simple and clean. CEMflex VB can be used in all non-movement joints, horizontally or vertically, in contact with water even under pressure. It can be installed in all weather conditions without activation of the crystallization process and is ideal for use where delays in the placing of concrete are anticipated.


SKU Description Packing
1144004 CEMflex VB 100 mm 50 pcs/box, 100 m/box
1144005 CEMflex VB 150 mm 50 pcs/box, 100 m/box
1119003 CEMflex Omega clip 100 pcs/box
1119004 CEMflex Montage clip 50 pcs/bag